Scientific discussions

These are discussions between researchers and ISNRA  on the on hand and between the researcher and evaluators on the other hand and in the following way:

After the researcher presents his research for publication in Journal, the journal sends the research to the secret evaluators to evaluate the research. When the evaluation letters are returned from the evaluators, ISNRA examines the evaluations and returns them to the researcher. The researcher may wish to have a discussion with the evaluators and under the supervision of ISNRA.

Accordingly, ISNRA establishes a private chat room that will include the researcher, the evaluators, with nicknames to disguise their identity, as well as a representative from ISNRA. The chat link will be sent to the researcher and evaluators and upon chat’s completion, the session will be closed and saved so that ISNRA examines the discussion to make a final decision to either accept or reject the research based on the evaluation and the chat data (scientific discussion). Thus, more than one chat may be created for several researches from several journals. Read More about CTSA