Dr. Fayadh M. Abed received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Technology in 2002. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in heat transfer, gas dynamic, computer languages, numerical analysis, AutoCAD, advanced mathematics and FEM for twenty years.

Dr. Fayadh studied English language at college of linguistics, university of Baghdad  and obtained his bachelor of Art Degree in 2005, also, studied law  at College of Rights, Tikrit university.

Professor Fayadh is currently, the Dean of the college of engineering at the University  Of Tikrit. He assumed many academic positions at the University of Tikrit, including head of computer department 2007-2010, manager of computer and information center, Deputy Dean of the college of engineering.


Personal Information


Full Name

:Fayadh Mohamed Abed




Date and place of Birth

:12 Jan.M 1968 Habaniya

Marital Status




Current Address

:Tikrit-Univesity Campus





Dr. Fayadh is a member of many notable engineering associations (Iraqi Engineers Union,). His field of interest is renewable energy, solar energy, Fluid mechanics, CFD, and Nano-fluid.

Dr. Fayadh, also holds a BA in Law from Tikrit university and a degree in English Language from Baghdad university  in addition to a diploma in French Language from Baghdad university.

He published more than fourteen researches and papers, six books in the field of mechanical engineering and reviewed many other researches as a reviewer and edited many international professional journals and magazines. He is a member of ASME Journal under membership number 102132278.