ISNRA is a nonprofit association. ISNRA Association has been established in order to represent the scholars, researchers, and publishers globally in all scientific, technical and scholarly disciplines. This mission will be carried out through exchanging information, setting standards, advancing models, advocacy, education, and the promotion of innovation.  Activities are overseen by the ISNRA scientific board (ISNRASB).

Every year ISNRA holds a conference which brings together publishers, researchers, scholars, and library information specialists.  This event provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of information, and for highlighting best practices and innovation.  We also hold a series of  scientific chats on key topics which are made available to the wider community.

ISRA is the leading global association for academic and professional researchers. It has many members in different countries.

ISNRA Aims and Objectives

  • to assist scholars and researchers in their activities in disseminating the results of research in the fields of engineering, science, technology and medicine.
  • to assist international organizations and communications industries in the electronic environment, who are concerned with improving the dissemination, storage and retrieval of scientific, technical and medical information;
  • A global voice of scholars and researchers.
  • A global voice of author rights
  • We support scientific research on renewable energy
  • We support clarity of scientific and academic   works