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Recently there is an increase in the number of learning and teaching institution in Arab Countries, which lead to increase in the magnitude of research. To exchange knowledge between scientists and researchers, there is a need to publish the outcomes and findings of these research programs. In addition, such research findings must be shared with international scientists to take its publicity and criticism and evaluation to contribute the soundness of such findings. There are journals publish research works in the region, however, most of them are not registered in SCOPUS or published with ELSEVIER. Thus we propose to publish International Journal of Medical Sciences [IJMS] to overcome the gap publication that is introduced to the scientific community by unregistered journal and fake journal. As the official journal of the International Union of Arab Academics [IUAA], an academic organization, the IJMS will support the academic, educational, medical, dentistry and nursing research activities of the IUAA through the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas at the national, regional and global Arab academics meetings and between postgraduate researchers in Arab World. Through these activities, the journal will actively support mentoring research activities and the scholarship of future generations of medical academicians.    


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