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Article title: Investigating the Behavior of Mortar and Concrete Reinforced with Aluminum Waste Fiber

Article Code: ICEMAS0A20



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  • Khawla H H Shubber 10 / 10 / 2018

    1- the title is (of Mortar and Concrete ) while the test and discussion is on concrete firstly then mortar, its better to take the same sequence.
    2- the hole paper need for rewriting and grammar check especially the spacing and positions of point and comma
    3- in abstract, the first three lines need reference, but its not allowed in abstract, so its better to change the paregraph
    4- in abstract, in line 4 and only, mentioned to rigid pavement, support it or delete it
    5- in abstract, “Aluminum was prepared from cutting the cans of coca- cola cans as fibers in concrete” its better to change to ” Aluminum fibers was prepared from cutting the cans of coca- cola cans as fibers in mortar and concrete” to comply the title
    6- in abstract, “This used Aluminum fiber is low density and less cost in addition to good tensile strength (about 3.10 MPa) and also has a good ductility”” what this ?????
    7- in abstract, many mistakes and misleading meaning and shortcut sentences, so need rewrite .

  • Khawla H H Shubber 11 / 10 / 2018

    after rearrange paper and review it, some notes listed in attached file in addition to the following point:
    1- in the paper there is a mentioned to using crashed course aggregate, what the usage of resulted concrete and why for using it?
    2- what about dimensions of mortar cubes and beams ??? there are only one dimension in the text
    3- need for more detailes for results discussion

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