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Article title: Robot PID Controller Design and Analysis Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques

Article Code: ICEMAS0A58


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  • takialddin 29 / 09 / 2018

    1)How to design a robust PID controller for a system with parametric uncertainties? How to implement it in MATLAB?
    2)How can I make a connection between Simulink in MATLAB to solve a optimization problem use arduino simulator ?
    3)What is the mathematical analysis behind relay autotuning to determine the parameters of PID Controllers ? Please suggest some papers and references ?
    4) PID controllers: Why optimize the open loop when we can just calculate the closed loop transfer function?

    • DrKhalaf 04 / 10 / 2018

      thanks a lot, my beloved Prof.
      the design of PID can be done Bode plot and root locus method and can be tuned with ZeilerNicols method.
      for the connection between Simulink and the Arduino, either we use newest versions of Matlab(2015 -2016-2018) which has the Arduino block or we download the related toolbox by Add-on
      the optimization of the open loop system may be an early stage of the whole work and we can use a 2DOFPID instead of classical PID which has its own tunning facilities and protection against wind up the problem
      Best regards and looking forward to co-operating with your highness in the future

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